Lorelei Lee Connelly was born on July 1st, 11 ¼ years ago in Los Angeles, California. This, she believes, is confirmation of her destiny: that someday she’ll be a famous writer, actress, or chef –if not all three. She’s given herself until 12 ½ to figure out which one she’d like to pursue first.

Lorelei has spent her life growing up in Washington, DC. As of this writing, she has two brothers, Teddy, who’s 14 and Ryan, who’s 4. She also has one cat named Green Bean (since her other cat, Mud, recently passed away). She’s a sixth grader at Pinkerton School and excels at English, art, school plays, and Earth science.

In her free time, Lorelei enjoys dreaming about being famous; conning money out of Teddy; playing Go Fish with Ryan; playing paper-ball soccer with Green Bean; singing in the shower, doing one thing a week that scares her so she’ll be fearless when she grows up, having ice cream taste tests with her friends; and, of course, writing in her diary to her favorite –if recently departed—cat, Mud.

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